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Have you ever wanted to be in the right place at the right time?

Most people dream about it, but very few act on it!

You see, opportunity is all around us and you're always in the right place at the right time!

Revolution8 aims to educate the entrepreneurs of the future by helping people develop a strong entrepreneurial mindset as well as teach you about new business models and systems & tools you can use to increase your level of success.

Our speakers have an amazing wealth of knowledge and results to show for in topics like Online Business, Consulting, Cryptocurrencies, Cashflow & Passive Income, Online Systems & Tools, Real Estate, Personal Development, Leadership & Team Building.

You will for sure be able to learn something of great value from our events!

Upcoming LIVE Events:

30. Sep - Oslo

02. Oct - Trondheim

09. Oct - Stockholm

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Monday @ 19:00

Thursday @ 7pm CET

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Here's What People Are Saying

Being part of this team has just made the entire difference for me! The support and the unity we share as a community is so important when you're trying to reach those big goals! I am so glad I decided to apply to join this team and it has already paid off bigtime in regards to the education and knowledge given to the members!

Stian Nordvik - Online Marketer

Not in a million years could I have foreseen what an impact joining one event would have on my life! I had been struggling financially for years before I joined this team and I am so glad I did because the passion, the leadership and the skills to help independent entrepreneurs solve problems is just fenomenal! And the crazy thing is that I know that this is just the beginning!

Thomas Jensen - Online Marketer

For The Really Ambitious

Team Leadership Training

As a member of our team you will be invited to our team leadership trainings at one of our clubhouses. Make sure you stay connected and committed to learn and grow and you might be the one to be invited to this one of a kind experience.

System4success is an independent marketer and member of the Revolution8 Team

If you wish you contact me, please send me an email to or call me on +47 92824127

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